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  I'd like to say the outpouring of support for our family has been phenominal. The LifeCenter Organ Donation Network informed us that three recipients recieved 'the gift of life' and are doing well. Numerous kids have openly shared how Claudia's presentation of Justin's story has personally impacted their decisions behind the wheel. B-Safe Driving Education in Trenton, Oh. has set up scholarship in Justin's name. However, in the years since Justin's death, there have been a disheartening number of other teens or young adults involved in fatal automobile accidents in a three-county area alone. Several others have been critically injured. I am sure the families, friends, and loved-ones understand when I say there are many outside forces which can impinge upon us, compounding and complicating the grieving process. They may present from various social, economic, and/or legal sectors. Whether they act out of simple ignorance, pure malice, or plain apathy, their lack empathy for the pain of others is their common bond. Our common bond is our network of families, friends, and loved-ones; especially our families. It matters not what form or fashion that 'family' takes. Justin had an extended family which also transcended the usual bounderies. Much of Justin's jewelry( whether he knew it or not ) was adorned with crosses and symbols which have Celtic origins. The lineage of the surname, Lewis, can be traced back to Wales. The Welsh are one of seven surviving cultures in the western regions of Europe which evolved from the original Celtic clans. "The Tree of Life" is an important symbol of Celtic culture and Christian beliefs. It symbolizes the connection between the heavens and the earth. It is a timeless symbol of renewal, rebirth, and the irrerepressible energy of life. There are many representations of "The Tree". One such version combines elements of both tree and cross, for a more literal unification of heaven and earth( see below ). A more traditional representation can be found at the bottom of the other pages. "The Tree" has become more important to me over the past months because it has also come to symbolize the strength and importance of family and faith as I wade through the aftermath of the tidal wave which swallowed my world the morning of November 7, 2003.