It's been two years from this entry since Justin died. There doesn't seem to be a good word for these dates. The usual ones, like 'anniversary', just don't fit. Despite the lack of appropriate nomenclature, I feel it's important to recognize this day in some meaningful way. So, I have dedicated this page to testimonials that Justin is, in fact, fulfilling his destiny. Below are excerpts from some posts left in the guestbook. Due to space restrictions, these are just a portion of the posts and some have been edited. Thanks for visiting.
Kate : ...all i had to do was see you and i would smile...if you only knew how many lives you touched.
Natalie : Thanks for impacting my life so much....
Casey : ...Before I thought I was invincible and now I notice that I am not...
Franklin Student :..There might be one life saved after they hear your touching story.
MHS student :..justin had alot of friends here...we need to be shown more the reasons to be careful drivers.
Stephanie :..Your story touched everyone's hearts.
 Stacey : really influenced me about making good choices about my life.
Heather: ..Justin's story has really touched me, it changed the way i feel about life...
Jess : Thank you for bringing Justin into the world and raisng him to be the person he was - the person that lives on in so many of us.
Mary Beth : I will think of him always and live my llife to the fullest as he did his own.
Jayson : ..I got your sticker on the sunroof of my car bro, so you're watchin over me at all times.
Just a friend from Madison : ...I have his picture in my car. Justin made me laugh, he would crack me up...Justin, everyone misses you.
Janna matter could make me smile. You still make me smile. You were a real person. A real friend. Keep an eye on me.
Danielle :..I put his picture by my speedometer and now everytime I check my speed I see him and remeber how precious life is.
Kyle seven year old niece Amanda...looked at me and said"Kyle there is no reason to be sad...Justin is our guardian angel"
Cassie's unbelievable how many lives Justin's story has have saved so many kids' lives
Friend from Madison : Justin will NEVER be forgotten and his memories will live on forever!..he has given so much to people before and after his death
Kendal : Justin - I don't doubt ..that you saved my life yesterday...I had this surreal moment I noticed everyone else was wearing seatbelts...I put mine on and then we got into an accident. I'm so lucky
Ricky : There's been alot of changes around here still live in my soul
Karmello : I got in a wreck today...on Union Centre. I was freaking. I learned my lesson about driving. I wasn't on the cell. We didn't even have the radio on...and I still ran into someone. Noone was hurt. We had our seatbelts on
U.S. Rep. John Boehner : If your son's organs or legacy save another person, then you are right - he will be remebered as a hero.
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