I recently learned of a song which is so powerful, it seems natural to include it in this website. It was released early last year, but I'm old(er), and it takes awhile for me to catch up with these things. The song is titled..."Untitled" and was recorded by the band Simple Plan. It is on their album, "Still Not Getting Any". They also produced a music-video which I understand received a ton of air-play. Again, I guess because I'm old(er) and no longer in the loop, I missed it's release. Anyway, the song itself is extremely moving and stands on it's own. I've attached it as background music to Page 12 of the site. It was written/recorded in response to the rash of teen-related deaths due to auto accidents. I interpret the song to be written from the perspective of a young driver who has been severly injured in a traumatic wreck. I feel it important to note at this time, that Justin's wreck did not involve any alcohol or drugs. The video takes things a step futher and is endorsed by MADD( Mothers Against Drunk Driving ). It focuses on the consequences experienced by a young man who has been drinking and driving, resulting in the death of another, young female, driver. Paralleling this, is the effect on the family of the young female victim. When the two cars collide, the impact sends the girls entire family reeling. It is difficult to watch. If you are a young driver, or the parent of a young driver, and have not seen the video.... you should.
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