"New Stuff". I don't know why I chose to call this portion of the site "New Stuff". In reality, it's not new. Based on the flavor and content of the poem I wrote on the tenth 'anniversary'of Justin's death, it's obvious that I wish I actually had new stuff to add. And why is it termed anniversary? Anniversaries are generally something you celebrate. I don't know that there is a word to properly define that period of time which has elapsed from a death to the present day. Do you "recognize" it? Perhaps, "acknowledge" it? "Memorialize" it? Justin would be 28 years old this year. No words seem to be quite right.
However, on the flip side of my negativety, I need to get back to basics. I force myself to remember the beginnings of this website. The whole reason the first section is titled "Destiny". All the lives Justin, and his story, have touched and truly made a difference in. That is where the "New Stuff" actually resides. I went back and revisited the links that are posted on our 'Links' page. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out The Life Center Organ Donation Center's site. It has recently been greatly improved, revamped and, for lack of a better word, "updated". I began perusing a section which includes stories from donor familes and recipients, expecting to read more recent accounts. "Surely", I thought to myself, "these will be from people who have been impacted in recent years. They probably go back one, maybe two years, then replace the old stuff with the new". As I was scrolling through numerous stories and photographs, I suddenly recognized some familiar faces. It was a picture of Claudia, Brinnen, and Brinnen's mom, Divena. The picture, and "our story" which accompany it, are nine years old. Please join me in revisiting this site because this is where the "New Stuff" lives on.
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